Past Projects: Monroe Middle School

For Westhope Community: Please bring any supplies for this donation into the church office as soon as possible so that we can get them to the children who need them.

5th Grade Supply List 6th Grade supply list 7/8 Grade Supply List
2- lined spiral notebooks

Composition book

Pocket size dictionary (thesaurus optional)

White eraser (works better than the pink ones)

1 set of pencils (no mechanical pencils)

1 set of colored pencils (36 pack)

1-set of colored markers (8-12 pack, broad tip)

Pencil pouch (not a box)

Highlighters (yellow only)

2-blue pens (erasable)

2 red pens

1-ream of binder paper (college ruled)

1 1/2inch poly-binder to use to store binder paper and pouch

Must Haves:

One 3-ring binder, 1” or 1 ½” only

Binder tab dividers

Six College Ruled spiral bound notebooks

A good supply of #2 pencils (“Ticonderoga” brand is best, but any will do. We prefer no mechanical pencils)

Erasers (we suggest the hi-polymer white erasers)

Red correcting pens

Colored pencils

Pencil box or small case

Backpack/book bag (not rolling, if possible)

Small pencil sharpener which holds shavings

Good to have:

Glue stick


1 ½ – 2 inch 3-ring binder

3-holed lined writing paper (college or wide) – 1 ream

2 composition books

3-6 rolls of Scotch tape



Manual pencil sharpener

1 set of colored pencils (12 pack)

1 set of colored markers (8-12 pack)


*Optional classroom community donations are very much appreciated, including tissue, tape, white paper, disinfecting wipes, and white board markers.