Welcome back, Erik!

fishing spot
Our beloved Pastor Erik has returned from his sabbatical AND has discovered a new favorite spot to fly fish. Can’t you just hear that water? Looks pretty fabulous 🙂 We are happy that his time away and with family was restful and restoring. Pastoring is challenging work that takes a lot of heart. He cares for us so well. This is part of how we can care for him.

We are glad he is back amongst us again. Let’s love him well.

We missed you, Erik!

Thank you, Nan!

Pastor Nan has been leading us so wonderfully while Pastor Erik has been on sabbatical, and this past Sunday was no exception. As part of our response to her sermon, we were invited to think about what gifts we bring to build up a dwelling place for God that we might be a beacon of peace to the world.

Not all the post-its are readable (those pencils in the pews…), so here is a list of what we brought:

More friendships with all!, open heart, prayers and happy thoughts, Christ, my prayers and love for God, listening to another’s hurts and pain, helping people to keep in touch, to see good in everyone and love, better understanding and wisdom, humor, acceptance without judgement, open hearted listener, compassion, faithfulness and friendship, support of others,  generosity, love of others, hospitality, carrying a task to completion, working to keep the temple functioning, creativity, love, transparency, hope, reading scripture, contemplative practices, instruction.

Thank you, Nan (and Rollin, for sharing her with us)!


Birthday Celebration

AnnCakeAnn Campbell is 98! That is worth celebrating (which we did today). Congratulations, Ann 🙂 You inspire us all. And now that we know you were also a Wave and a movie star, we are even more impressed!


What a difference it makes to have 3 extra feet added to the driveway! It used to be a much more hair-raising  experience to slow down to enter the lot, especially if the speedy traffic behind showed no signs of breaking its pace. Now the stress levels have dropped – both for drivers entering the lot, and for those watching them and waiting to exit. Probably for cars hurrying up Saratoga Avenue too. We’re so thankful for the responsiveness of the City of Saratoga.

Gone Fishing

Pastor Erik will be on a well-deserved sabbatical June 15 – July 29. We will miss him greatly, and also wish for him a rich time of good rest, sweet time with his family, and some awesome fishing on the Green River! We are delighted that the wonderful Rev. Nan Swanson will be shepherding us while he is away.