November Thankfulness

Welcome to a place to practice gratitude! You are invited to write 5 things you are thankful for in the comments section. Feel free to practice as often as you’d like or are able to. Together we can encourage each other toward a deeper gratitude. I’ll start another post at the beginning of December and onward if we would like to continue.

24 thoughts on “November Thankfulness

  1. Wendy

    -for the grace of feeling understood
    – for creativity
    – for reassurance that I do not have to memorize my talk
    – for the freedom that came from #3
    – for a sunshiney day

  2. Ann

    ~for deep connections
    ~for insight that comes when guards are down
    ~for the afternoon to rest my back
    ~to have the sound of rushing water and warm sun
    ~for crazy talk with little granddaughters on the phone
    ~to quietly celebrate our 42nd anniversary tonight

  3. Phaik

    ~ for the persistent phone buzz that got me out of my thoughts
    ~ that sealing the bathroom grout went faster than expected
    ~ for my neighbor’s lavender bouquet, cheerful disposition and words of wisdom
    ~ for the walk and catching-up with a faithful friend
    ~ for this invitation to develop a stance of gratitude

  4. Wendy

    – the wonder and gift of being with those I trust to speak into my life
    – welcoming weary travelers home
    – for the shortest migraine ever!
    – for the invitation to befriend my body and be kinder to it/myself
    – a warm house on a chilly night
    and it’s been a big day, so two more:
    – the soft gentleness of flannel sheets
    – the welcome comfort of a heat pad on my achy head

  5. Phaik

    grateful for
    ~ ebook libraries
    ~ the gift of a neck pillow, in anticipation of a long flight
    ~ thinking that the service rep. on the phone was having a bad day, rather than taking her impatience personally
    ~ a reminder of how my own impatience affects others
    ~ a God of love

  6. Wendy

    thankful for…
    – things getting turned upside down unexpectedly
    – for the comfort of doing life together with friends
    – for the insights of others that refine me and what I create
    – for grace given unexpectedly…the pure gift of it
    – the smell of tasty food

  7. Ann

    ~for many messages of kind thoughts and prayers
    ~for amazing space inside after dissipation of despair and yearning
    ~for hope today for soothing effects of one last epidural
    ~to recognize how my eating is affected by stress and anxiety
    ~to feel a much healthier attitude toward my physical self continuing to grow

  8. Phaik

    grateful for
    ~ generosity of family
    ~ shifting from resentment to acceptance
    ~ a neighbor who is helpful, has a large heart and sees the good in everyone
    ~ a reminder that seemingly difficult problems can have easy solutions
    ~ clean laundry

  9. Wendy

    I’m thankful for…
    – tangible evidence of growth to celebrate
    – a sweet time of closure with covenant group friends
    – watching the clouds come alive with color at sunrise
    – for the gift of my friend in Scotland
    – feeling like I am (slowly) getting closer to what I really want to say on Friday

  10. Wendy

    – for the way writing helps me discover clarity about where I am going
    – for the chocolatey smell of baking brownies on a cloudy, drizzly day
    – for Jeanne’s warm smile and Don’s affectionate whack on my back after our time in the circle
    – for thank yous given and received
    – for the fullness of being with everyone this morning, in the sorrows, the sweetness, the theological wrestlings, the conversations.

  11. Ann

    ~Carolyn’s struggle is over
    ~for my own huge relief that she is finally, certainly, peacefully, completely with God
    ~for family memories shared over the last few days
    ~to be able to worship from home this morning via the broadcast and still be here for Mike
    ~for family kindness

  12. Phaik

    grateful for
    ~ the walk at dawn
    ~ finding a home for a loved item
    ~ letting go of a desire to own
    ~ catching up on needed chores
    ~ companionable silence

  13. Wendy

    – for a successful rescue of retainers from the trash
    – for a movie that speaks of the importance of listening
    – for the inspiration of TED
    – for the humorous way our brilliant tree looks upside down with all its leaves in a circle at its base
    – for the invitation to hold what I’ve written loosely, and to even toss it out and head another direction

  14. Ann

    ~for contented family time
    ~for Mike’s joy at having pie for breakfast
    ~for calm, quiet time with Carolyn this morning, singing and praying, with her feeling weightless yet still tethered
    ~to have a gracefully long, white spray of orchids on my desk
    ~for the fiery glow of a neighbor’s great tree in the sun

  15. Phaik

    grateful for
    ~ a full home
    ~ the sense of smell
    ~ soup on the stove
    ~ sibling conversations
    ~ reminders to let go

  16. Wendy

    …thankful for…
    – the joy of a day in the kitchen with Kimber, cooking, baking, making art together
    – the adventure and drama of rescuing one recipe that bombed
    – affirming and honoring the growth we see in each other
    – for technology that allows us to stay connected to family far away
    – for the lemon souffle pudding we will most definitely make again

  17. Ann

    ~for a long morning nap after a long sleepless night
    ~for the touching surprise of a note of compassion from an acquaintance
    ~for kind hospice care for Carolyn
    ~for the gift of seeing her content and peaceful
    ~to have made a calm way through emotional phone calls from our daughter

  18. Wendy

    – for the delicious smell of popovers in the oven (third batch in 2 days), and Kimber to share them with
    – the colors of the sky at sunset
    – the challenge of a new project
    – that the (very long) tube from Home Depot fit in my car
    – a new dinner idea that was both simple and yummy

  19. Phaik

    ~ for golden hues of gingko trees
    ~ a softening heart
    ~ moments of empathy that arise unbidden
    ~ comfort food of jook
    ~ a listening ear

  20. Wendy

    – for family friends who love and welcome my children
    – for the anticipation of trying (and enjoying) some new recipes
    – for the sunshine
    – for chances to practice letting go
    – for meaningful work

  21. Ann

    ~for poignant moments with Carolyn today, her 85th bday
    ~for Taize prayers this evening, both nurture and balm for my heart
    ~my back was a bit happier
    ~when interesting ideas start to take form
    ~for a catch-up visit and tea with Jeanne

  22. Wendy

    – that the tire wasn’t flat
    – for safe travel home from the mountains for my son
    – for the fun of planning a mother-daughter Thanksgiving
    – for warm fuzzy socks
    – for the way spiritual direction challenges me to grow

  23. Ann

    ~for the wonder of sleep when it comes
    ~to fill up in the midst of worship’s loving energy yesterday
    ~to sing
    ~for the joy of crazy skype and facetime with far away little granddaughters
    ~to be growing and changing, mostly quietly but sometimes wrenching

  24. Wendy

    I’m thankful for:
    – friends who “get” me
    – friends who stretch me
    – a really good piece of bread
    – opportunities to create
    – the mysterious ways God moves

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