How to Listen (on the internet)

God’s grace and peace be with you.

This is a post from the Westhope sound team, offering instruction on ways that you can listen to sermons and services from Westhope Pres. Obviously, nothing beats being present with the rest of the community in person, but almost everyone has days when they can’t be there.

The bugs seem to be worked out for now, so we thought we’d take an opportunity to summarize the ways that you can hear and listen in.

Listen Live: most Sunday morning services are now being broadcast live over the internet. We begin the broadcast a few minutes before 10 am. Simply go to (If you’re reading this, you’re here.) Hover your mouse pointer over ‘Listen’  and select ‘Listen Live.’ If we’re on the air, you’ll see a circle with a right-pointing triangle. Click on that and you should be able to hear us.

Listen to recorded sermons: You can hear archived sermons anytime, night or day, dating back to August 2015, by hovering over ‘Listen’ and selecting ‘Sermons.’ After finding the sermon you’d like to hear, you can choose to listen from within the site by clicking on the right-pointing triangle, or you can click ‘Download file’ to download the recording to your device. You can hear recordings of sung prayers and special events (such as the evenings with John Philip Newell and Brother Emile) by clicking on the respective links.

Listen to complete services: Click on the word ‘Listen’ in the menu bar. On the page that opens, click anywhere in the sentence that says, ‘Click here to see a list of available sermons and services.’ A new window will open and a sign in box may appear. Click on the “x” to close the box and proceed to the recordings list. You do not need a dropbox account in order to listen. Choose the recording that you’re interested in. You can listen from within the web page or you can download the recording to your device.

Happy listening! Please leave comments to let us know if this is helpful or not.