“Awareness Through Movement” workshops begin July 11


A low fee Feldenkrais workshop will be held here at Westhope once a month for all who are interested.

What is Feldenkrais? The Feldenkrais Method encourages us to look inwardly to notice how we move or hold muscular patterns that may cause us discomfort or pain. This is a safe, gentle, mindful movement approach that taps into the power of our brains. It is about slowing down and noticing how we move so that we can learn new more efficient ways to move. Come find out more and experience this mindful way of moving.

Janet Lee is a licensed physical therapist and Feldenkrais practioner.  For more information about these classes, Janet can be contacted by phone at 408-398-2532, or email: jwlpt@sbcglobal.net  To register, please send your check payable to Michele Westlaken at: 1158 Huntingdon Drive, San Jose CA 95129.